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Ross Gibbs

Professional EOS Implementer™

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2. Become More Profitable

3. Increase Accountability

4. Make Better Decisions

5. Increase Productivity

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EOS Implementer™

Ross Gibbs

With over 15-years’ experience growing and building profitable businesses, I help leadership teams achieve sustainable results by implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System® within their companies. As an entrepreneur myself, I know what it takes to launch and grow a successful business.


Brian D., Coastal IT Consulting, LLC

“After struggling to self-implement the concepts and tools detailed in the book Traction, we decided to engage a professional EOS implementer. The experience has been a tremendous blessing and we are truly grateful for the effective teaching, coaching and encouragement from Ross Gibbs.”



Mark S., Nerd Patrol

“I can endorse Ross without hesitation as a solid choice for a growth and improvement guide; he is a wealth of information, tools and most important, experience.”



Ken K., Kelly Roofing

“Ross Gibbs is an excellent mentor, leader and coach. His insight into team building and inter-relationships has helped Kelly Roofing become one of the top 100 companies in America. Ross helped Kelly Roofing triple in size immediately after hurricane Irma destroyed Southwest Florida in September 2017.”