Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials | HEI TRACTION

Client Testimonials

Ross has worked with numerous entrepreneurs to successfully implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System® within their businesses. Read below what a few have written about their experiences.

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I have known many franchisees and business owners. Ross gave me something that few have. He motivated me to be a better guide and regional director. I soon discovered why because he listened and valued my input. Ross has a unique talent for adapting to any situation. There were times after our calls that I would document our issues list and realize that I learned just as much, if not more, from his candid ability to reinvent and adapt. Ross is a great leader.

Sara Keil

TITLE Boxing Club

Along this journey, it became clear that our company was not immune to the challenges of building a great team, product, and service.  After struggling to self-implement the concepts and tools detailed in the book Traction, we decided to engage a professional EOS implementer. EOS provided the essential framework to help us clarify our vision, structure the business, and break through the ceiling. The experience has been a tremendous blessing and we are truly grateful for the effective teaching, coaching, and encouragement from Ross Gibbs!

Brian DeLadurantey

Coastal IT Consulting, LLC

Traction changed the way that we operate our business. After you read “Traction” and “Get a Grip” and you realize that EOS is for you, give Ross a call. It’s not worth trying to self-implement. It will just slow you and your team down. Ross is a pure EOS Implementer. He helped us hyperdrive EOS into our business. I can’t thank him enough for how quickly he got us rolling on this revolutionary system. Thanks, Ross!

Jake Spanberger

President, Entech

Ross has a proven track record of successful leadership, creative work with business leaders, community groups and organizations. His knowledge, dynamic presentation, and ability to serve in an executive role is outstanding.

Lon Flippo

College of North Central University

I can endorse Ross without hesitation as a solid choice for a growth and improvement guide; he is a wealth of information, tools and most important, experience.

Mark Stahl

Nerd Patrol

Ross Gibbs is an excellent mentor, leader and coach. His insight into team building and inter-relationships has helped Kelly Roofing become one of the top 100 companies in America. As proof to his abilities, Ross helped Kelly Roofing triple in size immediately after Hurricane Irma destroyed Southwest Florida in September of 2017. With his coaching, Kelly Roofing was able to help over 26,000 building owners in just eight short months. I can’t say enough about Ross and would highly recommend him to any organization.

Ken Kelly

Kelly Roofing

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