I frequently get colleagues, friends, relatives, connectors, prospects, and sometimes even strangers asking me what I do. “Ross, what exactly do you do? What is EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System)?”

Here’s what I say to them every time:

What I do is help entrepreneurs and their leaders get more from their businesses. I do this by implementing a proven and immediately useable system called EOS. It has simple tools to help you and your leadership team do three things we call Vision, Traction, Healthy.

  • Vision, from the standpoint of first getting your leaders 100 percent on the same page with where your organization is going and how it is going to get there.
  • Traction, from the standpoint of helping your leaders to become more disciplined and accountable, executing really well to achieve every part of your vision.
  • Healthy, meaning helping your leaders to become a healthy, functional, cohesive Leadership Team because unfortunately, leaders often don’t function well as a team.

From there, as goes your leadership team, so goes the rest of your organization. We get to the point where your entire organization is crystal clear on your vision, all much more disciplined and accountable in executing your vision, gaining consistent traction, and advancing as a healthy, functional, cohesive team.

Then I say, if any of that resonates with you, I’d love to invest 90 minutes of my time with you and your Leadership Team to show you how you can experience Vision, Traction, Healthy in your company.

As a client moves through the EOS Process™ with me, they will experience Vision, Traction, Healthy.

Vision, Traction, Healthy are my three unique ways of how I consistently deliver greatness to my clients every time.

Once a client has reached the point where they no longer need me, the leadership team and company will have gone through a transformation. They usually know it before I do. Things become easier and the issues begin to fall into place. The owners and the leadership team begin experiencing what we call, “The EOS Life.”

  1. Doing what you love.
  2. With people you love.
  3. Making a difference.
  4. Being well compensated.
  5. Having the time to pursue other passions.

I am in the transformation business by helping entrepreneurs implement Traction into their business so they can experience The EOS Life. That’s what I do.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This post was originally published June 2019. It has since been updated and republished.

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